Return to the Manufacturer

Subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter by clicking here By Chuck Sink The order arrives at your office and you’re excited to open the package and start using the product. Upon inspecting the goods, you notice something isn’t quite right. Your smile morphs to poker face. You remove the product and test it for its intended… Read More »

Invest in Words

By Chuck Sink                  Please subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter by clicking here I’ve been around small ad agencies and design shops my entire career mostly in sales. I’ve witnessed many conversations that go something like this: Account Executive: “Okay, great! Glad you love the design. Now if you can get us the actual text to… Read More »

Ten Step Guide to Personal Branding Success

By Chuck Sink   Subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter by clicking here Are you known for the reasons you want to be known? Do people in your market perceive you and your organization according to your brand strategy? What percentage of your target market know who you are? What percentage have never heard of you? Consider… Read More »

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