Who cares about your business success?

By Chuck Sink                                   Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here. Engaging customers and potential customers in social media is very tricky and generally requires giving something. Let’s keep this concept blunt and simple. Nobody cares about your company or the success of your business. They have neither obligation nor desire to share… Read More »

Please sir, where is the treasure?

Stop gushing your duplicated capabilities! Please offer me a unique, valuable product and service I’ll find irresistible. Attraction works better than attempted persuasion. It’s best to lead with how you make the client’s life better and help him make more money! Capabilities information is best provided upon customer requests. The client knows you have capabilities… Read More »

Build Business Assets by Blogging

By Chuck Sink                                Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here Call it a feature article, a white paper or a blog post. Maybe your written wisdom is a work of art like a tribute, reflection or poem. Whatever it is, if it’s thoughtful, articulate and valuable to an audience, it’s an asset and should be… Read More »

Only Winning Brands Do This

Positioning matters more than ever! By Chuck Sink                                       Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here A young professional posted a question for The Brand Strategy Discussion Group on LinkedIn. She’s a Lifestyle and Brand Communications Intern at… Read More »

Breathing Their Own Carbon Dioxide

It’s stuffy inside the box! By Chuck Sink                       Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here When scanning Linkedin and job posting sites for various marketing and business development positions, it becomes clear that corporate recruiters, HR departments and staffing firms are only interested in candidates who… Read More »

Self Help Misunderstanding and the Plain Truth

By Chuck Sink                                           Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here When you hear about a system or method for achieving a lifetime of wealth and happiness, run away fast! Most if not all such systems are based on the same flawed premise: that because you have the power to direct and control your thinking (nearly… Read More »

Facebook Business Pages – Simplified

By Chuck Sink             Subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter by clicking here “Business is people!” It’s a simple but brilliant concept one of my best college professors taught us young and callow undergraduates. From that concept I recently coined the acronym “BIPS” for Business is People, Stupid. Remember the KISS rule – Keep it Simple,… Read More »

The Death of Leadership

By Chuck Sink       Subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter by clicking here One of my clients (we’ll call her Sarah) is a fine representative of hard work and ambition guided by honesty and enlightened self interest – the desire to do well in business with the noble goal of providing greater service to… Read More »

Return to the Manufacturer

Subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter by clicking here By Chuck Sink The order arrives at your office and you’re excited to open the package and start using the product. Upon inspecting the goods, you notice something isn’t quite right. Your smile morphs to poker face. You remove the product and test it for its intended… Read More »

Invest in Words

By Chuck Sink                  Please subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter by clicking here I’ve been around small ad agencies and design shops my entire career mostly in sales. I’ve witnessed many conversations that go something like this: Account Executive: “Okay, great! Glad you love the design. Now if you can get us the actual text to… Read More »