Work Your Magic

By Chuck Sink | October 30, 2012

By Chuck Sink

Go ahead and “work your magic.” Savor those words coming from clients because they prove that you’ve earned their professional trust. Work your magic – that’s a powerful statement!

For the person who wants you to work it, your magic is to them accomplishing an impossible task for which they’ll pay you. Sometimes, what I do seems a little magical when I’m tasked with a project about which I initially know nothing. Somehow a commercial white paper or in depth training manual comes out of me, from where, I don’t know. But that’s why I’m in business. I can write succinctly or verbosely about almost anything while most folks struggle to get a paragraph out.

What’s your magic? What do you do that few others can do with as much thoroughness and alacrity? What’s your particular art form for which others would commission you? Therein lies you valuable offer but you also need to differentiate yourself or your product from the competition. That’s where some brand magic will help your business.

Positioning my friends. It’s all about positioning. Do you occupy a position in your audience’s mind relative to your category? Does your brand occupy a position in the market that your competition can’t or won’t encroach upon.

For what exactly do you really want to be known? Create a hybrid category of sorts for your product/service offering that really makes it better for your customers. Then communicate why. Stay on message with all your marketing communications.

Branding really does help increase sales when you have something authentic to brand.

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