Great Marketing Campaigns Get Out!

Why be Shy to New Business? Holding off on launching a great ad campaign is like keeping your beautiful, prized sports car locked in your garage to avoid people seeing and admiring it. That makes absolutely no sense! This is what too many small business owners do to their would-be customers when it comes to… Read More »

Niche Specialist or Broad Market Leader?

“How many pet hotels have you worked with?” The category experience question comes up often in discussions about hiring business services professionals. Whether it be an architect, law firm, CPA or marketing agency, potential clients naturally want to know what you’ve done for others in their industry. Tempted by Templates Gaining experience serving one niche… Read More »

What to Do if Marketing Stops Working

Do more marketing. Yes, it is that simple and now you may think you wasted time opening this article, but read on. You’ll appreciate the message if you have an open mind. When I say “do more” I’m specifically talking about doing more of what works, not necessarily about increasing budgets. And, if your budget… Read More »

3rd Annual Leads & Leaves Networking Event

Lunch, Open Networking and Short Hike Date & time:  October 7, 2022 |12:00 – 2:00 PM Location:  3 Timmothy Road, Sunapee, NH Complimentary light lunch & beverages Round robin and open networking We’ll take our conversations on the trail and enjoy a short, scenic hike with other businesspeople! Dress for fall weather. Hiking shoes suggested… Read More »

Are You a Marketing Leader?

The Transparency of Real Leaders Every Business Owner I’ve worked with closely has spilled some beans to me about his or her business challenges, sometimes personal challenges. Beyond the important conversations concerning their markets, we often get into the confidential internal issues at the company that deal with employees, contractors, and vendors. We share personal… Read More »

Leave a Recall Impression

If you were once a salesperson and then become a business owner, the tables suddenly turn, and then you discover the real reasons people buy. You also find out what it’s like to get bombarded by those in your previous profession and why your past sales calls often went unanswered. I’ve been in the same… Read More »

Curiosity and Ideas – a Salesperson’s Best Friends

If you’re involved with business development, you know of certain places where you can find opportunities. You also know there are certain activities which have proven to bring you new business. So you go to those places and repeat those activities consistently. Over time, this may become disappointingly dull or the value of your time… Read More »

Networking in Motion May 3rd – Manchester

Discourse & Ropes Course at Thrive Outdoors Have a blast making new business connections! It’s what Networking in Motion is all about! Join us for lunch, networking and a fun activity on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at Thrive Outdoors in Manchester, NH. It’s free! Event Details Date & Time:  Tuesday, May 3, 2022, 12:00 noon… Read More »

Quality Promotes!

In my early career, I’ll never forget Richard! He was the senior member of a 5-man sales team at a printing company I once worked for. His sales were huge, and they just seemed to pour in without him doing any prospecting, cold calling, or appointment setting, etc. How unfair! Then there was poor me.… Read More »

Integrity is Everything. Pride is nothing.

“Three weeks to flatten the curve.” This may start out sounding pessimistic and defeatist but please hang on for the hope… Trust in major institutions including news media has fallen to pitiful levels. Big tech has taken over and ruined the marketing experiences of consumers like me. How? By lying about our privacy and then… Read More »