Marketing is Field Work

Go outside and play! By Chuck Sink Hitting the road for events and field appointments burns more time than anything else in business.  You might feel more productive in the office analyzing CRM data, having meetings or constantly tooting your own horn on your own social channels. There in the comfort of home base you… Read More »

What is your Positioning Statement?

By Chuck Sink Your business needs a positioning statement because your target audience wants to know what your brand stands for. If there is one thought or word you want people to associate your business with in their minds, what is it? Before you write your Positioning Statement, clearly define your target audience. For example,… Read More »

Always Maintain the Foundation

By Chuck Sink Happy Thanksgiving!  Sounds a little hollow at this point doesn’t it? I received quite a few Thanksgiving email greetings this year. I read every one of them and gave a mental kudos to the companies who took time to send me the message. I replied to a few of them and it… Read More »

Work Your Magic

By Chuck Sink Go ahead and “work your magic.” Savor those words coming from clients because they prove that you’ve earned their professional trust. Work your magic – that’s a powerful statement! For the person who wants you to work it, your magic is to them accomplishing an impossible task for which they’ll pay you.… Read More »

Added Value: Are you a bird dog or an old dog?

By Chuck Sink Let’s shatter some conventional wisdom. Go ahead and take business personally because it is personal! Are there people in your business network to whom you can’t wait to send referrals or do business with because they’ve impressed you so much? Are you fortunate to have strong personal relationships prevalent in your market? Do you… Read More »

Email Marketing is a Privilege

By Chuck Sink Marketing your business via email is a privilege and must be managed as such. When your content is good, people stay with you for the long haul and they eventually buy or refer business.  Some will even buy right away. I have about 7 years of continuous email marketing experience – for… Read More »

Company Culture is a Success Indicator

By Chuck Sink I’m a longtime student of branding and I’ve learned that organizational culture – company culture is the cornerstone of strong brands like Apple. The companies doing best in every market are the ones known for building cultures that attract the best people. Dyn in Manchester, NH and PixelMedia in Portsmouth, NH are two fine examples in… Read More »

Smile, You Just Lost Your Shirt!

Your business problems are designed just for you. By Chuck Sink To view problems as outside forces working against you is foolish. It hinders your creativity and drive in problem solving. Let’s look at problems, obstacles and even calamity through a cleaner lens. Should you be confronted by great difficulty, then take courage in these… Read More »

Who’s your real sales team?

By Chuck Sink Most professionals know a thing or two about the value of referrals. They also know about the value of focused, dedicated networking – the key to a steady stream of lucrative referrals and new clients. Great networkers understand that people will more readily listen to your value proposition when other people talk about… Read More »

Business Alacrity is a Fine Art

By Chuck Sink Meeting with a client recently, I found myself entertained and energized as I observed him deftly handle some primary research over the phone. With amazing articulation and clarity, this veteran professional honed in like a laser beam on the delicate information he needed. He successfully gained access to a secure report by asking… Read More »