Always Maintain the Foundation

By Chuck Sink | November 30, 2012

By Chuck Sink

Happy Thanksgiving!  Sounds a little hollow at this point doesn’t it?

me3I received quite a few Thanksgiving email greetings this year. I read every one of them and gave a mental kudos to the companies who took time to send me the message. I replied to a few of them and it felt good. So why didn’t I do it too?

The bad example I set for myself was one of priority and discipline. The reason you didn’t receive a Chuck Sink Link email in the last 29 days is because I was unusually busy with both business and family matters. One could say “priorities got in the way.” I won’t say that because you, my audience are among my highest priorities. You are the sole reason for the existence of my business which feeds my family and me. My obligation to meet your expectations for valuable marketing content on a regular basis is to be firm.

The good example I experienced this month was being proactively grateful. My gratitude list is long. Time after time I was reminded that “but for the grace of God, go I…” and that I have true riches in my life now. I’m not materially wealthy per se but I love my work and only by the goodwill of others do I have a dream job – one I created. Your patronage made that possible!

My positive lessons from this November were to pay attention to commitments and take seriously my highest priorities. Keep firm the foundation that will maintain the integrity of the business. And stay grateful for all I have!

So, while we still have one day left in November, the month of gratitude, please let me thank you again for reading my emails. I’m recommitted to delivering consistently valuable content to you every couple weeks. I always enjoy hearing from some of you in between so please drop a line or a note any time!


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