What is your Positioning Statement?

By Chuck Sink | December 4, 2012

By Chuck Sink

Your business needs a positioning statement because your target audience wants to know what your brand stands for.

If there is one thought or word you want people to associate your business with in their minds, what is it?

Before you write your Positioning Statement, clearly define your target audience.

For example, our target audience is made up of Professionals, Business Owners and Executive Directors.

So our positioning statement is as follows.

To:  Professionals, Business Owners and Executive Directors:

Chuck Sink Link is the communications firm that creates ideal messages for your target audience because we reveal the value of your brand and communicate it with clarity.

Our singular thought is ideal messages.  That’s what Chuck Sink Link is known for.

What singular thought or word does your brand stand for?  What is your positioning statement?

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