Marketing Automation – The Business Advantage

We’re pleased to offer another guest post. Casey Cheshire brings us a lot of experience in an emerging marketing technology. Marketing Automation is for Small and Medium Businesses! By Casey Cheshire My first experience with Marketing Automation came when I assumed responsibility for the Marketing program at a small consulting and training company. There were… Read More »

SIMPLE Website Best Practices (Please read!)

Eat it or beat it? What are you serving up? by Chuck Sink The website user experience (UX) your organization purveys will either drain you or sustain you in business. Plenty of money can be spent serving up completely different experiences to your audience depending on whom you choose to design your online marketing programs.… Read More »

Who are you? Time Will Tell!

By Chuck Sink There is one precious commodity that most C-level executives guard with their lives – time. Pull them away from current work activity to instead focus on important long term strategies requiring changes in tactics and some will freak out. They may feel their time could be better spent going for the jugular… Read More »

Unpaid Consultant or Category Leader?

By Chuck Sink The debate rages among sales executives and trainers on two extremely differing schools of thought about selling. One school follows the traditional model: Prospecting > Appointments > Presentations > Follow up > Close. The other model (which has been around just as long) takes only one word to describe: positioning. Business hard… Read More »

Your time is coming. Maybe it’s here!

By Chuck Sink Ironically, business urgency usually puts on the breaks. A desperate need for revenue is never a good reason to add stress and anxiety to a devoted team. Your business is bound by the same principles as everyone else’s and the reason your competitor may be cleaning your clock today is because it’s… Read More »

Pay Attention to Pinterest

Will Pinterest work for my business? By Amanda Fulling Several people have asked me if Pinterest is the “new” Twitter, or what is that new icon by Facebook and Twitter, that says Pin It? Would it work for my business? I am always trying to find ways to bring more exposure to my clients’ products… Read More »

Lessons from Generosity

A case study in exponential Facebook Business Page growth By Chuck Sink There is a local furniture retailer with three stores located within a 50 mile radius of each other. This family business has been successful over the years using tried and true advertising and discount promotions to drive store traffic. They are known throughout… Read More »

Understanding Twitter

By Chuck Sink There is an amazing online social network platform that illustrates the full spectrum of human intelligence from brilliance to idiocy and it’s called Twitter. I’ll focus on the brilliance side in this article. However, it’s worth noting that the most inane and shockingly stupid comments human beings are capable of stating are… Read More »

Who cares about your business success?

By Chuck Sink                                   Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here. Engaging customers and potential customers in social media is very tricky and generally requires giving something. Let’s keep this concept blunt and simple. Nobody cares about your company or the success of your business. They have neither obligation nor desire to share… Read More »

Please sir, where is the treasure?

Stop gushing your duplicated capabilities! Please offer me a unique, valuable product and service I’ll find irresistible. Attraction works better than attempted persuasion. It’s best to lead with how you make the client’s life better and help him make more money! Capabilities information is best provided upon customer requests. The client knows you have capabilities… Read More »