Your business plans can revitalize the country.

By Chuck Sink | January 4, 2013

By Chuck Sink

eagleI have a one-year business plan in place. It’s a blueprint for a successful year of growth. A reasonable goal has been set and an activity plan following a proven strategy will be implemented. It’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

If we all have an intelligent, ethical strategic plan requiring focused and determined activity every day and then execute, we can renew the prosperity of the nation and change the direction of the culture. We can make 2013 the turnaround year if enough people work hard enough!

2012 proved to be a very disappointing year for countless millions of us. Ninety nine percent of my friends and associates could not rid their calendars of 2012 fast enough. I join them in welcoming 2013.

People who happen to be superstitious about numbers needn’t worry about the “13.”  I read somewhere that 13 is a very lucky number when preceded by the digits 2 and 0.  😉

What’s your plan to improve your business and community, thereby making the USA at large an industrious, vibrant and culturally rich country again?

Yes, you can!

You see, thousands upon thousands of solid business plans executed daily drive wealth creation, economic growth and higher performance standards among those businesses. Success breeds competition and more success – unless the culture rejects the notion of enterprise, dignity, ethics and the value of work. Frankly I’m worried about what I see going on in the culture and will leave that topic on the table for now.

I remain optimistic this year because I’m amazed by the fantastic people in my professional network and other circles. There is so much good stuff out there to which we can turn our attention while ignoring the negative garbage in the media echo chambers. We can also turn away from gossipy chatter in the workplace.

Throughout history it has been the determined efforts of a few that have managed to turn the many away from destructive paths toward revitalization, prosperity and cultural renaissance.

It’s now abundantly clear among business leaders everywhere. I feel it’s safe to say that most of us have reached consensus; Washington has become a putrid cesspool of corruption and incompetence and it may get worse. Too harsh? No way. The national dept heaped upon young people and future generations is unconscionable. The federal government has failed to enact and implement any effective policy direction to help build a strong economy again.  My opinion is we’ve completely blown it during the last decade.

So, it’s up to you and me. Let’s take some risks, work our butts off and fix the economy ourselves, regardless of this cliff or that crisis. Nobody else is going to make conditions right for your business. Step up to the plate ladies and gentlemen, seriously!

This is our year to rebuild. What will be your role on the construction team?
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