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Why Authentic Branding is a Long Game

Always remember that your logo is only a visible part of your brand. The brand’s essence and power are in the minds and hearts of your audience. Branding a new company or rebranding a legacy business is never a one and done exercise. Authentic branding is day to day, ongoing and progressive. Creating a brand… Read More »

Phone Calls Work Better

Pick up the phone and get it done now. Or send an email and wait. Does sending an email put the ball in their court or does it expose your procrastination? Of course, it depends on the situation, and it’s important to prioritize our communications. The person asking this is a huge fan of email.… Read More »

The Only Way SEO Works for B2B

If your business sells big ticket items or services, there’s a good chance that you have a salesperson, or several. These professionals need to have the skills to close new business, or they drain resources. If you want SEO to work for your sales-driven business, good closers are needed for the website-generated leads. The Advantage… Read More »

Keep Your Brand Promise Clear

Your Brand Promise at Ground Level Does your brand promise too much? One of the most repeated rules of marketing is to sell the good result, not the product. Rather than extoll product features and service excellence, show and tell consumers how their life gets better as a result of a purchase. This idea can… Read More »

Discovering the New Media

Retiring the Old The new media we discuss here isn’t as technologically new as you may be thinking. But there’s a new and growing trend toward an underused digital media resource. Ever feel a pang of guilt when realizing you’ve been glued to a screen for 20 minutes and gained nothing? That’s how I feel… Read More »

Robotic or Real: AI Chatbots – Can you tell?

Who’s writing this, AI Chatbot or Yours Truly? First disclosure: This article is 100% human written. The illustration above is an AI-generated stock image. Second disclosure: Yours truly and his partners are starting to use AI tools in cases where it can help our clients and us. Given the right inputs, AI Chatbot tools save… Read More »

Integrity is Everything. Pride is nothing.

“Three weeks to flatten the curve.” This may start out sounding pessimistic and defeatist but please hang on for the hope… Trust in major institutions including news media has fallen to pitiful levels. Big tech has taken over and ruined the marketing experiences of consumers like me. How? By lying about our privacy and then… Read More »

SnowMotion Networking

Woohoo! Another Networking in Motion Event – March 4th! In Beautiful Sunapee, New Hampshire! Open Networking with light lunch, hot beverages and spring water provided. Take the conversation on the trail and enjoy a scenic short winter hike with other businesspeople! Date & Time:  NEW DATE: March 4, 2022, Noon – 2:30 PM Location:  3… Read More »

The Sanctuary of Business Life

I enjoy escaping the falsely portrayed world in the media by tuning it out and getting real. It’s really wonderful to get out in the real world and work with familiar people, collaborating on various endeavors with them. It’s nice to live in a peaceful and prosperous place where people work together every day to… Read More »

SEO 2017: Where to spend time and where to spend money

The internet is a hyper-competitive marketplace. Your website is one among billions. In your business category, it’s one among hundreds or thousands, all competing for the same peoples’ attention. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing make your website do what you want it to do: let people find you for the reasons you want to… Read More »