The Story of Networking and Valuable Content

By Chuck Sink | July 18, 2013
By Chuck Sink
ChuckOriginal subscribers to this newsletter have been receiving some form of it since 2006. It started asBrandworth News, was reestablished as Big Hit Bits and became the Chuck Sink Link in April of 2010.
The number of subscribers and quality of readership has steadily improved over 7 years. Market-leading business experts often comment on the articles and contribute content. Several guest authors have generated new business directly from their articles in the Link.
This author has never sought to sell anyone anything. The newsletter’s only purpose is to inform readers of sales and marketing best practices – with philosophy and success principles sprinkled throughout. Many people actually love this newsletter. They look forward to it and I’m extremely grateful for that!
It’s all because of the content. I don’t say this to promote what I do. I’m trying to help everyone discover the value of content-driven marketing. Traditional sales and marketing silos are teetering on collapse. Cold calling is dead and common lead generation programs are seen by consumers as the manipulative tactics they are.
Today you must deliver value to your prospects first, build relationships first and second, and network like the masters first, second and third.
This newsletter has fully enabled me to deliver value, deepen relationships and build a high quality business network. Therefore, the content of the Chuck Sink Link is the catalyst and driving force of a growing marketing consulting business, so named.
Now, in addition to my consulting and content development work, I facilitate professional Content Workshops and will soon teach university undergraduate courses in communication – all possible because the content in this newsletter was recognized by key people.
Networking and Value – These are the two most important words to internalize if you want to develop new business avenues. A West Coast media company recently found the Chuck Sink Link onlinereached out to us (with value of course), and presto! We’re in the media business. How cool is that? Now sponsors provide some of the juice that fuels continuous content delivery to your inbox week after week.
I never intended to have sponsors in the beginning but I’m so glad it happened! Our advertisers are solid companies that have relevant offerings for our audience of CEOs, Marketing Directors and Sales Executives. I personally make sure of it.
The ads are never in your face and many of them offer valuable free content

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downloads. I really hope you’ll click our sponsor links below if anything catches your eye.

So, thank you for letting me tell our story. I’d like to close by recommending a workshop for sales, business development and marketing professionals as well as small business owners:
Learn all you need in 2 hours to develop content that will drive new revenues to your business. Please Join us July 18th in Concord, NH for Content Drives Success!                                                                                                                                                         Join Our Mailing List

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