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The Market Made Me Do It!

By Chuck Sink I must give credit to my friend and fellow entrepreneur, the founder of The Giant Game Company, for the title of this short article. We were talking the other day about changes going on in his target markets and how he has successfully responded to their shifting needs. “The market made me do… Read More »

Your business plans can revitalize the country.

By Chuck Sink I have a one-year business plan in place. It’s a blueprint for a successful year of growth. A reasonable goal has been set and an activity plan following a proven strategy will be implemented. It’s my plan and I’m sticking to it! If we all have an intelligent, ethical strategic plan requiring… Read More »

Who’s your real sales team?

By Chuck Sink Most professionals know a thing or two about the value of referrals. They also know about the value of focused, dedicated networking – the key to a steady stream of lucrative referrals and new clients. Great networkers understand that people will more readily listen to your value proposition when other people talk about… Read More »

Who are you? Time Will Tell!

By Chuck Sink There is one precious commodity that most C-level executives guard with their lives – time. Pull them away from current work activity to instead focus on important long term strategies requiring changes in tactics and some will freak out. They may feel their time could be better spent going for the jugular… Read More »