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Business Development Top Ten

By Chuck Sink If you’re in a tricky business situation, to whom do you turn? The industry experts, right?  What if the industry expert is you or the guy down the hall?  Then you won’t have far to go for help.  If the expert you need is outside your company, you call the person in […]

When you ASSume…

By Chuck Sink The day before a recent holiday which many love to celebrate, I wanted to ordersomething nice for my wife so I called the store of one of my networking contacts. This store owner and I had developed a typically nice networking relationship. One of the topics we’ve talked about is email marketing, something she knows I […]

Always Maintain the Foundation

By Chuck Sink Happy Thanksgiving!  Sounds a little hollow at this point doesn’t it? I received quite a few Thanksgiving email greetings this year. I read every one of them and gave a mental kudos to the companies who took time to send me the message. I replied to a few of them and it […]

Work Your Magic

By Chuck Sink Go ahead and “work your magic.” Savor those words coming from clients because they prove that you’ve earned their professional trust. Work your magic – that’s a powerful statement! For the person who wants you to work it, your magic is to them accomplishing an impossible task for which they’ll pay you. […]

Your time is coming. Maybe it’s here!

By Chuck Sink Ironically, business urgency usually puts on the breaks. A desperate need for revenue is never a good reason to add stress and anxiety to a devoted team. Your business is bound by the same principles as everyone else’s and the reason your competitor may be cleaning your clock today is because it’s […]

Pay Attention to Pinterest

Will Pinterest work for my business? By Amanda Fulling Several people have asked me if Pinterest is the “new” Twitter, or what is that new icon by Facebook and Twitter, that says Pin It? Would it work for my business? I am always trying to find ways to bring more exposure to my clients’ products […]

Please sir, where is the treasure?

Stop gushing your duplicated capabilities! Please offer me a unique, valuable product and service I’ll find irresistible. Attraction works better than attempted persuasion. It’s best to lead with how you make the client’s life better and help him make more money! Capabilities information is best provided upon customer requests. The client knows you have capabilities […]

Build Business Assets by Blogging

By Chuck Sink                                Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here Call it a feature article, a white paper or a blog post. Maybe your written wisdom is a work of art like a tribute, reflection or poem. Whatever it is, if it’s thoughtful, articulate and valuable to an audience, it’s an asset and should be […]

Breathing Their Own Carbon Dioxide

It’s stuffy inside the box! By Chuck Sink                       Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here When scanning Linkedin and job posting sites for various marketing and business development positions, it becomes clear that corporate recruiters, HR departments and staffing firms are only interested in candidates who […]

Self Help Misunderstanding and the Plain Truth

By Chuck Sink                                           Subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here When you hear about a system or method for achieving a lifetime of wealth and happiness, run away fast! Most if not all such systems are based on the same flawed premise: that because you have the power to direct and control your thinking (nearly […]