The Only Way SEO Works for B2B

By Chuck Sink | January 10, 2024

If your business sells big ticket items or services, there’s a good chance that you have a salesperson, or several. These professionals need to have the skills to close new business, or they drain resources. If you want SEO to work for your sales-driven business, good closers are needed for the website-generated leads.

The Advantage of Being Proactive

Every time a sale is made, especially to a new customer, a familiar dance takes place. It always begins with a first conversation. Whichever way that first conversation originates, whether SEO or other referral, the skilled salesperson begins uncovering real needs and determines if he or she can be of value. And so, the dance begins. As buyer and seller engage in discussion, trust is established, and new business is transacted.

Of course, for eCommerce businesses, SEO-generated leads (real people) need to find what they’re looking for. Landing pages, CTAs, store and shopping cart experiences must be clear, easy and rewarding. Essentially, the website needs to close the deal.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Many, many businesses require a person-to-person conversation before any transaction will take place. Is yours one of them? Here’s where sales and search marketing need to work in concert. When a chat is initiated, a request form is filled out, or a phone call comes in, the skilled sales or customer service person will quickly determine if this lead is a good fit. What kinds of questions do you have ready to qualify good customers from those who are not a fit?

Far be it from sales training, the focus here is on realizing how far SEO can go for certain kinds of businesses. For some, it can be a drain of time and precious marketing dollars with only marginal results. For others, it is the lifeblood of sustainable growth.

The Closer

If you want your SEO efforts to work, it’s vital to deliver a great website experience! Great landing pages can make a great deal of impact on your SEO or search marketing campaign (“great” is repeated on purpose). If your website design and landing pages are lame, so will be your SEO results. You might gain traffic, but what do visitors get when they click your ad?

  • Do you know how to design and set up a targeted landing page that coverts visitors to leads?
  • Do you know how to qualify, build relationships and win new business from those inbound leads?

If you answer yes to those questions, SEO and Search Engine Marketing might be good options to help your business grow and thrive.

Should you decide to pursue a targeted digital marketing strategy, work with someone who will thoroughly and honestly examine the pros and cons with you. SEO or paid search ads could be a great opportunity if you haven’t delved into them yet.



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