Integrity is Everything. Pride is nothing.

By Chuck Sink | February 17, 2022

“Three weeks to flatten the curve.”

This may start out sounding pessimistic and defeatist but please hang on for the hope…

Trust in major institutions including news media has fallen to pitiful levels.

Big tech has taken over and ruined the marketing experiences of consumers like me. How? By lying about our privacy and then bombarding us with notifications we don’t want, even after opt-outs and changing device settings. They also take money from and then censor their own clients’ and users’ messages. And it gets worse from there on a global scale.

Brand Dysfunction

Big brands – Corporations – have decided to overtly insult large pluralities if not majorities of their customers by shifting resources into ideological, agenda-driven activism instead of improving their products and services. Then they cheapen and reduce the sizes of their packages thinking consumers won’t notice much.

It’s as if the managers are carefully calculating numbers of consumers who will accept less for the same price and just buy more packages. Are they devising formulas to show the right short-term profit numbers instead of leveling with the consuming public about cost increases and why they’re happening?

But even more insidious for the business world is the chilling mob mentality gripping corporate boardrooms and the fallacy-based groupthink flowing out of them!

Now, if you disagree with me personally about how dysfunctional Corporate America has become, read a liberated woman’s story.

Take It from a Teacher

The education establishment in general has lost its priorities of teaching our kids skills and developing their talents in exchange for promoting statist social engineering, arrogantly defying the wishes of most parents.

All of the federal government including the military “brass” is facing a leadership and accountability crisis. Bringing this to light cost the career of a highly decorated Marine Corps enlisted officer who chose honesty over job security.

The overreaction and mishandling of Covid 19 by world governments has been staggering! The economic and social devastation was needless as we now know but harmful restrictions stubbornly remain in too many places.

It’s time to invite integrity back into the psychic fabric of humanity. There’s no more blaming anyone! Integrity starts with a commitment to complete honesty, especially individual self-honesty and humble reflection.

Pride – Misunderstood and Overrated

Human pride is the enemy. This is the pride of self that blocks us from seeing our own negative contributions in the world, and if you will, our sins. Pride tricks you into believing that you are somehow better than someone else. Pride is what tries to protect you or cover up when you screw up.

Why does pride lead the “7 deadly sins?” Because it is at the root of all the rest: greed, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth. The opposite of pride, humility, cannot coexist with any of those dangerous derelictions, but pride will invite them in to disturb and disrupt your peace of mind.

Imagine if you will…

Imagine if every politician and community leader could accept full responsibility for their mistakes with no imperative to dodge, deflect and countercharge critics. How about if all of us could admit it whenever we’re wrong with a willingness to accept consequences without fear of unjust treatment.

Imagine a culture of forgiveness and a universal longing for goodwill and unity among diverse people.

Imagine if we all were willing to lose something in support of the truth and only the truth.

If those things were to happen…

I imagine that trust in our institutions would return, and our society could again be built upon a foundation of integrity and mutual respect.

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