The Sanctuary of Business Life

By Chuck Sink | March 23, 2019

I enjoy escaping the falsely portrayed world in the media by tuning it out and getting real. It’s really wonderful to get out in the real world and work with familiar people, collaborating on various endeavors with them. It’s nice to live in a peaceful and prosperous place where people work together every day to help each other out. This is what is normal.

Most people in this country get along great! What you see “in the news” is largely fabricated or distorted for ratings as well as political and personal agendas.

Shutting off broadcast news and social media gives you a much better and more accurate survey of reality, which is right where you stand. And hopefully, nobody else standing there hates you. If they do, they should probably seek some help for that.

My point is that the business world functions much better than the politically charged, agenda driven media world but is too boring to make headlines and lead broadcasts. Discord seems to sell, so many prominent media figures sow it as we see in much inaccurate, biased reporting based on opinion, groupthink and hearsay. Now, even entertainment reeks of politics as we keep hearing from former comedians on late night television.

In my opinion, journalistic standards have never been lower so it’s best to treat all initial reporting in most media with a high degree of skepticism or at least inquisitive curiosity.

We’ve heard the phrase, “If it bleeds it leads.” Today’s media rule seems to be, “If it makes them pissed, it tops the list!” What kind of journalistic standard is that? The lowest kind.

Time to raise the standards!

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