Robotic or Real: AI Chatbots – Can you tell?

By Chuck Sink | February 8, 2023

Who’s writing this, AI Chatbot or Yours Truly?

First disclosure: This article is 100% human written. The illustration above is an AI-generated stock image.

Second disclosure: Yours truly and his partners are starting to use AI tools in cases where it can help our clients and us.

Given the right inputs, AI Chatbot tools save a lot of time by generating foundational messages complete with keywords, relevancy and examples. The technology is that good.

The Human Value Layer

Every time I’ve used AI commercially, adding the human value layer (me) was absolutely necessary. There are still ideas, feelings, communication nuances, and fine grammar, that bots can’t generate, at least yet. They are fountains of secondary information and can write in passable English, but they ain’t you and me, that’s for sure!

So, where’s this technology inevitably taking us? Who knows? Maybe we need to ask the Chatbots and listen carefully while they’re still being honest with us dishonest humans. Hmm. Scary stuff, eh?

The Future of Content

I feel compelled to get in front of this opportunity and potential issue so I can keep a sharp eye on its efficacies as well as pitfalls. Being a communications professor, the chances for abusing Chatbot technology and weakening critical thinking skills make me nervous. I know I’m not alone in wondering about the very near future of education.

Regrettably as I look back, I was a very early and vocal proponent of social media growth. I saw it as a liberating place for individuals and small businesses to have a voice in the public square without capital outlays for media distribution. I did not foresee the addictive and damaging nature of its design, nor the rampant censorship abuse by its technology overlords and the government’s oversight.

I pray that humanity has the grace and wisdom granted it to use the next staggering technology leaps to everyone’s advantage.

Could AI tools have written these lines? Not at the moment, but time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Robotic or Real: AI Chatbots – Can you tell?

  1. Domenic Tripoli

    Great read. We should be very concerned.
    The more technology intervenes in communications the less human interaction there is which inhibits building personal relationship.

    1. Chuck Sink Post author

      Thank you. My hope is this and other phenomena will usher in a new era of human closeness and spiritual revival.


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