Differentiate Your Keywords!

By Chuck Sink | October 13, 2020

The Cookie Cutter Won’t Cut It!

Plenty of companies try to compete using the same keywords to describe their products and services on websites and promotions. They might try to differentiate by claiming the best customer service in the industry but so does everyone else. You’ve heard it, “Our service makes the difference!… We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service!… You’ll experience the difference our service makes…”  Sure, you might say, but how much does it cost? The point here is that your differentiation needs to be recognizably different, relevant and worth paying for.

An Exercise to Help You Differentiate

Avoid joining the chatter of your competition. Speak a differentiated language; one that’s native to where your best customers’ goals reside. You’ll want your website to be found in searches for certain keywords and phrases. Equally important is linking your own unique value message to those common industry terms. Let’s say for example that your business is an accounting firm or CPA office. Look at the keyword value association exercise below:

Notice how the right-hand column brings the keyword phrase into a uniquely valuable context for business clients. This exercise works well for manufacturers, financial services, product marketing and service companies alike.

Refresh Your Content with Relevant Value

Review your marketing content across the board and be sure to speak and write from your client’s perspective which sounds like, “problem solved, smooth sailing ahead,” instead of your company’s perspective – “we do all this and more….” When you put your messages in the right context, your audience feels a sense of comfort; that their need will be met or their problem solved.

When people shop, they generally don’t want a bunch of options thrown at them. They just want the best solution that works. Therefore, back up your keyword content with relevant messages that meet your customers’ goals and take care of their needs.

If you aren’t happy with current marketing & sales results, refresh your content from strictly your customer’s perspective and make every sales conversation about them instead of your company. You’ll sound refreshingly different and break away from your competitors.

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