Website Design – Realistic Expectations for Unique Clients

By Chuck Sink | January 16, 2021

Floor Model – Special Edition – Custom-Built

Some of us can visit a car dealership online and in person, find a car to fall in love with, and drive it off the lot after providing all the needed info and signing the documentation.

Others may find something they like at the dealership but not get the features or color they want. They have their car special ordered from the factory so it’s just what they want.

Still others will buy the make and model they want and then get to work customizing the body, motor, suspension, wheels, lights, etc. until they build the “hotrod” they’re happy with for all it’s customized look, feel and performance.

There you have an automobile analogy to sum up the different ways website clients go about designing new sites.

Some websites come together quickly, such as when clients articulate their design preferences, have written page content and provide an image library ahead of time. They see their new site design and are excited to launch it.

Other client sites take some time to fine tune a few of the design elements, write new or additional content and gather images.

Finally, some clients will buy a web design as a basic shell and customize it from header to footer and margin to margin, clarifying their message and evolving their brand in the process.

In the end, all these clients get what they want and the latter two ways add progressively more time to the process, and oftentimes more money. That’s reasonable to expect and completely okay. A good web design company will communicate up front what post-approval changes and add-ons cost, and improving the user experience is usually well worth the extra development work.

What kind of website client are you?

Choose an agency or designer who will accommodate your style – ideally one that works well with diverse client types. That way, you’ll work with someone well accustomed to how you like to be treated as a customer.

That’s how Chuck Sink Link works with each individual client. We have experience serving so many different professionals over the years that we know how to listen, understand and accommodate practically everyone.

So whatever your work style and web design preferences, feel free to speak with us and get an estimate for your next website project. We’ll ask the right questions and provide what you need for a sound decision and ultimately the best results.

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