SIMPLE Website Best Practices (Please read!)

By Chuck Sink | May 9, 2012

Eat it or beat it? What are you serving up?

by Chuck Sink

The website user experience (UX) your organization purveys will either drain you or sustain you in business. Plenty of money can be spent serving up completely different experiences to your audience depending on whom you choose to design your online marketing programs. The difference to your website visitors can be dramatic! One design may have their interest soaring while the other, they find, is utterly boring. Okay…

Bouncing visitors can be very disappointing and even costly, especially if your firm spends money on Pay-Per-Click advertising. You allocate a budget for search engine marketing and get uxgreat click through rates to a dull static website with no real value or entertainment to draw visitors in to interact and take action. Or maybe the information layout is difficult to navigate and confusing so they leave the site after 2 or 3 seconds. Then you wonder why your website doesn’t seem to be doing anything for you. (Hint: It must do something for them first!)

Your website is your most valuable communication asset.

Work with a web partner that demonstrates a knowledge of user experience and information design as well as traffic generation. The author’s opinion is the horse has to come before the cart.

You have the choice to serve your online visitors or be indifferent to their experiences. Make certain your site’s UX is worthy of their time. Then go ahead and invest appropriately in traffic generating activities.

So how is your website performing these days? When people land there are they apt to explore and ask for more?

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