Online Marketing Tip for Small Business Owners

By Chuck Sink | April 16, 2021

SEO and PPC – Prove It Locally before You Try Going National

Technology enables more businesses to deliver services nationally over the internet or ship products across the country rapidly and affordably. Here’s a valuable online marketing tip for small business owners.

Many today who have the ability to sell nationally think they can compete nationally with dominating giants in their industries. These giants have purchased as well as earned organic ranking authority in the search engines and pay handsomely to keep it.

It can be frustrating to attempt to penetrate an already competitive market with thousands when your top 2 or 3 national competitors are probably spending millions in Pay Per Click advertising and SEO campaigns.

Leveling the SEO & SEM Playing Field

A local market is very different, just by the math. The playing field is leveled when you concentrate your advertising spending within a small geographic footprint such as a county, state or tri-state region – ideally your home turf. That way, your ad concentration can match or exceed what the big boys are spending there. Of course, this is the market where your name is already more likely to be recognized!

The Winning Strategy

If you own a small business and want to improve your advertising results, start locally or regionally with your ad campaign’s initial launch. Then analyze the results before your pour money across the vast, fruited plain only to be as visible in most markets as a needle in a haystack.

If your local campaign generates a successful result, roll the campaign out further and further as sales increase. Keep dialing in your messaging based on the acquired data and enjoy your growing success!

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