Make Ads Memorable, not Maniacal

By Chuck Sink | March 31, 2021

Let your creative team do their job!

I’m following up a recent popular blog post that received more positive feedback than usual.

Let’s listen to a nice local example of radio advertising. Here is a classic case of choosing something trendy and safe over something unexpected, funny and memorable. I trust my own opinions on this stuff but I’ll let you be the judge.

First, consider the irrelevant silliness and fantasy worlds portrayed in some of the major insurance brand ads like Liberty Mutual’s. That frivolous, whimsical style is trending and resonates with certain demographics.

A local packing & shipping company recently chose between two concepts. One ad is cute, unexpected and funny while the other follows a more recognizable and pedestrian style.

Have a listen:

Recommended Radio Ad


Approved Radio Ad


The ad runs mostly in rural Vermont and central New Hampshire, so consider the audience demographics.

In the recommended spot, the transparency of an obvious non-rapper producing a rap tune is hilarious and therefore memorable. The word choices work well to reinforce what the company does, followed by the “straight man” owner summing it all up.

In the approved spot, the trending style of fantasy, super heroes and puns was considered the safer way to go. That’s perfectly understandable but for me, after hearing it once or twice, I’ve had enough. The rap version still makes me smile after playing it dozens of times.

Be Different and Better!

As a consumer of terrestrial radio, I’ve been moved many times to try products or hire services over the years by the convincing power of relevant, on-target and sometimes funny advertising. Many of the best campaigns have been locally homegrown, being very creative and memorable.

There’s no need to hold back fun, creative and effective work, especially in times like these! Think outside the box for a change. Avoid the same, lame, me-too advertising game and make your messages more memorable in your market!

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