Regional Brands Going Local

By Chuck Sink | May 25, 2023

Gaining Market Share – One Local Market at a Time

Ever wonder why you see so many national or regional brands show up in Google searches for local businesses? In short, it’s because they want to, and they can. They don’t just show up in Google, but they construct buildings, rent offices and put up big signs in their targeted local markets.

The Sharks

Large, national businesses have the funds to dominate multiple local markets in the paid search results, and sometimes even the organic results. The search algorithms are focused on simply delivering the best answers to the search queries. If a national brand earns more organic local ranking authority than the small local companies, it’s probably because they have invested more money in that market, obviously including advertising.

Local companies that still dominate their markets have strategically known brands and understand they must compete with giants every day. That’s what I see separating the well-established, enterprising small business owners from the rest who rely only on word of mouth.

The Minnows

With the exception of retailers (who tend to get it), small business owners too often dread the need to spend on advertising, having had a bad experience with it in the past. Okay sure, you tried it for a few months one time and nothing happened. What if you invested strategically in advertising for a year and achieved record growth and profits the following year?

The Barracuda

The fact is local small businesses have the same opportunities as big enterprise businesses to compete and win in their local markets. They even have strong advantages to leverage.

Your local connections will already have some built in loyalty for doing business with you and helping you succeed. Additionally, you, can be more precise in your digital targeting, having a deeper knowledge of the local territory, the people, and the hot spots.

If you’d like to learn more about how to advertise effectively in your local market, feel free to contact us. We’ll offer you our best recommendations for winning the kind of market share your brand deserves.

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