Let ChatGPT Handle It!

By Chuck Sink | April 28, 2023

No, don’t. Use your noggin like every wise teacher always told you.

We got here fast, didn’t we? Suddenly we live in a world where you don’t have to do any hard intellectual or investigative work, and you can’t be sure what’s real or rendered in your media feeds. Just a heads up for what’s happening now.

Practical Use

I’ve used ChatGPT and Jasper AI effectively, but strategically and sparingly for a few projects. I have found all of the output so far to be predictable and vanilla, without offering any deep insights like I get from listening to real experts. I’ve found that editing ChatGPT content includes a surprising amount of deletion.

What the AI Chatbot does is provide a rough draft or baseline content that a creative person will be eager to improve upon. In essence, the content is so boring that it will “get the creative juices flowing” in a talented human writer. I suspect it’s the same for artists and musicians.

With the aid of AI, I successfully completed a comprehensive content writing project in a somewhat complex and touchy field. I found it very helpful in generating some of the common phrase usages in the industry, and providing a draft to which I was able to add the client’s brand voice. By so doing and adding headline copy, the job came out great. The client was very happy and made almost no changes.

Your Role and Relevancy

AI robots aren’t just writing quality legal briefs and marketing content, which is putting some professional jobs at risk, but there are now field robots doing construction trade jobs like drywall installation. What does all this mean for us?

Experience matters more than ever!

People always want other people – trusted people – to guide them through the unknown and administer to those things they don’t want to deal with or spend time on. Knowing the ropes in any specific field will always be valuable to others who don’t. A machine can only offer measured value and cannot provide the human touch.

As a service provider myself, I can sense and feel my clients’ communication needs in a palpable way when we’re talking. They want a real conversation with me, not prompted outputs on a neon screen. It starts with listening and understanding on a human level what matters to them. And I don’t just let ChatGPT handle it because it isn’t good enough by itself. It needs my help.

For further insights, watch a short interview with Professor Peyman Khodabandehloo, an AI researcher U-Mass Lowell.

As I think through the future, I’m starting to wonder if the robots will ever outsource work they don’t like back to us humans. What do you think?

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