The Market Made Me Do It!

By Chuck Sink | February 27, 2013

By Chuck Sink

me3I must give credit to my friend and fellow entrepreneur, the founder of The Giant Game Company, for the title of this short article. We were talking the other day about changes going on in his target markets and how he has successfully responded to their shifting needs. “The market made me do it,” he said. I responded by saying I was thinking of an article about that and now I’ve got a title for it.

As important as it is to forge your brand position with a singular and unique value proposition, that doesn’t mean you don’t respond when your customers’ needs change and advances in technology require new tactics. Getting comfortable with your own product and service offering can be dangerous. I was an inside witness to a very successful firm that zigged when their clients zagged and they went out of business within a few years.


I never imagined that my own business would be performing social media consulting and management services when I started forming it. But guess where many of my clients have some of their marketing needs? Being an early adopter of LinkedIn and Twitter, and having successfully implemented the platforms to attract new business, clients came to me with questions and needed help getting their social media marketing up and running.

Then of course Facebook, having huge audience potential, had to be part of the mix. I’ll be frank here. Do I relish managing clients’ Facebook Pages? Not really but I’ve had success doing it and it’s been noticed. It’s an area of need and I want to help clients where I know I can. When it comes to Facebook, “the market made me do it!” If it’s LinkedIn and Twitter for professionals, bring it on baby!

Never be hesitant to go where your market takes you. Position your brand in such a way that what your company stands for is firmly established, but what you deliver to customers is flexible to changing market needs.

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