Optimize Your Information…

By Chuck Sink | July 23, 2020

… So Your Audience Will Take Action!

Marketing is all about message optimization because your content is always unfinished. So is everyone else’s. Some content is better than others, and some executions are really great. Your goal isn’t to make your communications perfect but to keep improving them regularly. This gets easier when you have some guidance.

Building Suspense

One of the most common challenges for novice content writers is ordering sentences and paragraphs properly so the information keeps building rather than backtracking and covering the bare spots. When the writer thinks ahead, anxious to get the main point out there, he or she attempts to enhance the message with subsequent details and examples after revealing the main attraction. This makes sense at first but has an anticlimactic effect. The reader may end up bored or confused rather than informed and engaged.

First Things First

Good writers are engineers. They must understand foundations and successive building blocks needed to support a finished edifice for the edification of their audience. They begin by acknowledging their audience as students and their role as the teacher (and builder of ideas). They get to work laying the groundwork that entices the reader to witness the whole edifice take shape and have meaning. They put themselves in the novice’s shoes and know the right path to understanding.

Your Two Choices

The “make or buy decision” comes up all the time. You can “save money” by the do-it-yourself method (while forgoing money-earning time). You can handle the tedious, arduous and sometimes frustrating work of a trained professional, or you can just hire a pro and let him or her have at it while you get important (and profitable) tasks accomplished. When you tell a real pro to “have at it” they take your challenge seriously. Pros aim to please.

Don’t you just love taking possession of a purchase that meets or exceeds your expectations? In my industry, for example, a great new article, website design or advertisement is truly thrilling when first seen by the client and will tend to have a similar impact on it’s intended target audience, especially if they happen to be earnestly shopping different brands.

How optimal are your communications?

You and I both know they’re not perfect. How much better must they be right now in order to reach your marketing goals? Is there one communications area you can focus on that will raise your company’s image in the market? Which building blocks of relevant meaning need to be logically arranged for your market’s benefit?

Remember that life is all about continuously getting better as nobody can attain perfection. But think about another word – optimal. Optimal essentially means the best you can get from what’s available. So get to work on your message optimization. Your audience wants to understand exactly where you’re going. Lead them logically and they will at least be curious. Some will follow your lead, and to those new customers, your information is successfully optimized.

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