Never let critics call your plays!

By Chuck Sink | February 9, 2017

New England Patriots fans know exactly what it feels like to lose the biggest and most important game of the season. We’ve been there. We also know that victory can be snatched from the jaws of defeat and that winning is wonderful!

A moment of belief sustained through bold action will overcome even the most overwhelming forces lined up against you. The Patriots’ winning season this year should teach every young and old person a huge lesson.

Whatever you believe that you can do, even if it goes against prevailing opinions and conventional wisdom, you can and will succeed when you refuse to give up.

The problem that many young people have today is they don’t buy this idea because most of their education has been focused on staying within conventional bounds of thought and career planning formulas. For example, you must get a college degree (at least a Bachelor’s) after high school if you want a decent paying job to pay your college loans and start to build a life of your own. Get into one of the career fields where demand is highest and pursue one of those good-paying jobs (whether you like the work or not). Buy a home, maybe raise a family, save for retirement…

Maybe life can and should be more meaningful than that!

Do what you want in spite of what they say!

The conventional education-career formula is one viable way to make a living but it has proven to be very disappointing to a lot of people. They feel stuck in a job to finance their chosen lifestyle, longing for those 2 weeks of paid vacation each year. I know that prison very well having served a 25-year sentence. Through circumstances and grace, I managed to break free of the cycle. If I can do it, anyone can do it!

If you have a talent or skill that you enjoy using, then you probably need to build your career around that to be happy most of your days. All you really need is faith. You need to believe in your God-given abilities and personal calling. If you make a heartfelt decision to pursue your “dream job,” never give up working toward its total fulfillment and you shall succeed at it.

Some of us have figured out a way to integrate work time and personal time to be just about any time. Mondays are just as anticipated, fun and exciting as Fridays. Tuesdays are cool too.

Should the odds appear stacked against your life-career goals, that’s all the better reason to get going right now and go after your ultimate prize.

Remember this. The NFL deliberately and deceptively tried to knock Tom Brady and the Patriots off their winning track. Lots of jealous fans and a few rivals piled on. The Patriots ignored them because they aren’t worthy competitors.

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