I know your customers. They’re social!

By Chuck Sink | November 7, 2015

One of the definitions of “referral” could be: easy sale. Socially interactive websites generate more referral traffic. People share what they like with their friends and associates. You know they do because you and I do it all the time.

networking-socializingWhen you think about it, everything positive in your business is the result of a relationship that enabled a transaction or other favorable action. Therefore, everything about your online promotional offers and calls to action should be about strengthening your relationship with customers, prospects and other users of your website.

Google favors websites with more social referral traffic and ranks them higher. This is because people who click shared links in social media are opting to consume the message based on its relevance to their specific interests. Search engines raise your website’s authority as a trusted resource in your category when people recommend or share your page links. Social media provide the easiest and most direct channels for link sharing.

As business relationships are also social relationships, how do you go about nurturing your social relationships with your web visitors? Read the full article on our client’s blog to learn 4 effective ways to make your website social

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