Great Content Gets Distributed

By Chuck Sink | March 8, 2021

Excellent Content Drives Marketing Enthusiasm

When you produce a fantastic marketing piece based on an excellent value concept – a video, custom photo gallery, a song, a story, website redesign or full-blown ad campaign, you won’t need to worry about distribution. You will find a way to get it in front of people!

The quality and value behind a great message produced with excellence will make broadcasting it an imperative. Your excitement and eagerness – your imperious urge for the message to be seen and heard will propel you to roll it out however you possibly can to the right audiences.

Re-energize Sales with Fresh Ideas

Whether it’s in your grocer’s produce isle or your marketing agency’s studios, freshness and quality matter a lot!

Think about the times you’ve invested in a marketing campaign and really liked how the designs and executions came out. Now think about the opposite; when all of your marketing materials were dated and fading in relevance or outshined by competitors’ campaigns. In the first case, you can hardly contain your enthusiasm to promote your message but in the latter case, you hesitate to even use what you have. Is it time to reenergize your marketing content to increase your drive to seize more opportunities?

Put the empowering quality of freshness and excellence into your sales and marketing efforts. Then let your enthusiasm for its greatness drive you to promote the value you offer through every feasible channel.

It Just Takes One!

Very often, it’s just one great video! A sometimes-overlooked asset is the vast gallery of excellent still shots that a premium high-def video production also yields. These can be used across the internet and even in some print applications. A great video is the anchor piece for many a refreshed marketing campaign.

For example, images from the drone video we produced for Bow Auto Parts are replacing some of the previous terrestrial still shots to improve their branding and website user experience.

Just one video shoot with a good director (ahem!) and camera operator and you’ll be equipped for great marketing executions you’ll be doing for years!

Now check out the second-generation version of Bow’s company video introducing the owner and team member who offer their candid inside perspectives.

Always remember that a guy with a phone won’t cut it when it comes to making a video that displays how well your shop performs (Like Bow Auto Parts’ operation clearly does) and how good you and your people are. Investing in a day of video photography is probably the most valuable marketing investment you’ll make this year.

We’re here to help write and produce a great video when you need one!

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