Business Alacrity is a Fine Art

By Chuck Sink | June 28, 2012

By Chuck Sink

Meeting with a client recently, I found myself entertained and energized as I observed him deftly handle some primary research over the phone. With amazing articulation and clarity, thisphone business veteran professional honed in like a laser beam on the delicate information he needed. He successfully gained access to a secure report by asking exactly the right questions, anticipating roadblocks and circumventing the gatekeeper’s issues to the report’s access. Only a master level professional could have handled such a sensitive call as my client did. I would have been shut down by the gatekeeper after my first question.

Is professional work a form of art? Listening to my client dance like that on the phone seemed like performance art to me.  It’s fun to watch people do easily what you cannot, and for me that includes common business and life actions. Perhaps you’re fortunate to have members of your own team who are a pleasure to observe as they perform their specialized work.

If you have happy clients and engaged employees, they quietly, perhaps unconsciously enjoy watching you do your job. To you it’s just what you do all the time. To them it’s what you do great! To me, all great work is artwork.

There are visual arts, performance arts, athletic arts, medical arts, communication arts, engineering arts and even industrial arts.industrial art Whatever your profession, if you’re really good at it, you’re an artist. You create masterpieces that only your hand is capable of producing.

They say “art is in the eye of the beholder.” Try to see though your customers’ eyes and envision your products and services as works of art that only you and your company can create for them.

When you elevate the meaning and importance of your work beyond having a job or running a business, your attitude and demeanor follow suit and the world responds. When superior quality and joyful service are on display, it’s fun to watch.

So, when the alarm clock rings tomorrow morning, immediately think about your customers because for them the show is about to begin.

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