The best ideas are sometimes forgotten.

By Chuck Sink | June 10, 2014

By Chuck Sink

It can be the very best idea you ever had; one that will change everything and lead to fortunes… And it’s gone, probably forever!

This article is not what I had in mind to write about earlier this week. A flash of brilliance hit me while driving and I was so excited to write an article about it. It was perfect for the audience. It was an extremely important and valuable message. I had a list of instructions to include and I couldn’t wait to write the article so people could begin to benefit from it. That’s as much as I remember about it. Now it’s gone. GONE!

I intended to record the idea, got distracted and figured it could wait because there was no way I’d forget an idea that good. Well, I didn’t pull over to write it down nor otherwise safely record the idea. Now, no matter how hard I try to recall, it’s a total blank. This has happened to me before and it won’t happen again!

Writing about forgetfulness is the last thing I had in mind this week. This exercise, however, is good for me and it’s good for you too. The very act of drilling this notion so deeply into my subconscious by writing about it will help assure  that I act on my future good ideas.  This reminder about the importance of keeping a journal or recording device with you always will help you remember to catalog those great ideas that can help your customers and improve your business.

Some of our most creative and useful ideas occur to us when it’s least convenient to stop and record them. These situations include:

  • The shower – ideas go right down the drain.
  • In bed – ideas vanish like forgotten dreams.
  • While driving alone – ideas go out the window and get run over in traffic.
  • While jogging, biking or working out – ideas get weaker as your body gets stronger.

Figure out a way to record your good ideas in all of these situations and make it a habit to keep a journal with you always. Recording ALL of your good ideas the very moment they occur is the only way they have a chance at being implemented.

Some people are like elephants when it comes to memory and they can mentally index and classify ideas for recall when needed. Those people are rare exceptions in the population. As for you and me, lets’ make a pact right now to start writing down every good idea so more of them will be implemented for a better world.

And just think, when I start practicing this habit of recording ideas and keeping a journal, you’ll have more interesting articles to read and better tactics to implement for your business. Please stay tuned…

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