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By Chuck Sink | May 1, 2015

By Chuck Sink

Considering all of the messages bombarding you today, which ones will get you to stop and consider reading or watching to further investigate?

The answer is unarguable: Those with headlines containing key words that are relevant to you right now.

Publishing anything on the internet (or anywhere else) without first developing a great subject line or headline is a tragic mistake. Thanks to good headlines past, I’m better at my job and much happier in my work today. Wow!

Can a great headline do all that? Yes, and a lot more! But for those headlines that made me read further and discover opportunities and solutions, I would not even be writing this Newsletter nor have my own business.

What do you see first in your online & mobile notifications? What determines what you will you read or save? What will you delete? What will your notice or not? What important articles will you never see because nobody in your network bothered to share them?

If you’re like me, you can spot a time-wasting solicitation or marketing pitch immediately, no matter how sophisticated or cleverly clothed. You have no time to entertain salespeople who promise every ideal solution (all of them specifically tailored to your needs) under the sun. You have a business to run, problems to solve and opportunities to pursue – now! So who actually gets your attention – now?

The one who communicates what you need – now!

Now is only a spit second. It’s all the time you have to further consider or ignore the multiple messages bombarding you.

The key words, the perfect turn of phrase; that ideal relevancy to your current concern summed up in 2 or 3 words makes you stop and view a LinkedIn update, an email, a blog post, and yes, even an advertisement!
Your subject line or headline occupies golden real estate that you must revere if you want to engage any target audience. Do not allow verbal freeloaders to invade that space! Reserve your subject line or headline space only for the words that will determine: open & read or delete & forget.

With a great subject line, you will have much higher response rates by people who need a solution – now.

Busy executives open messages with subject lines relevant to their current issues. That’s one of the main reasons they’re executives. They know what’s important – now. Your only hope of engaging and selling to lucrative prospects is to get their attention first. Don’t blow it! Ask for help if you need it.

To convey the true importance of your Subject Line, aka Headline, we’ll offer a practical definition.

Subject line: Your first impression and your only hope of engaging an audience who is sifting through the clutter and noise of the global marketplace.

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