What to Do if Marketing Stops Working

By Chuck Sink | October 19, 2022

Do more marketing.

Yes, it is that simple and now you may think you wasted time opening this article, but read on. You’ll appreciate the message if you have an open mind.

When I say “do more” I’m specifically talking about doing more of what works, not necessarily about increasing budgets. And, if your budget is too low for what you need to accomplish, then you need to seriously ask yourself why that’s so. Is your business cash strapped? Is it fear of the unknown? Probably more the latter. Small business owners are usually afraid to spend money on marketing services unless they can envision and believe in a successful result.

Trust Yourself First!

Do you trust that your marketing team or agency has your best interests at heart? Do they understand what makes your business valuable to real customers?

Are you willing to commit time and expertise to your branding and content strategies? Will you task yourself and your team to keep pushing forward to move the needle?

Can you trust yourself to do what it takes as company leader to assure that your marketing efforts bring growth and profits?

Let’s be honest! I’ll start.

This gets a little personal. I’m the carpenter rebuilding my own house and the progress is frustrating! I need to live and work in this partially built structure (brand). While it’s way farther along than when we started, there are still some important renovations left unfinished.

  • My website is old and needs a redesign. I attempted to freshen it up but that only revealed that I need to do it right, from the ground up.
  • I need to apply better SEO practices to our own website. I know how, I just need to do it!
  • We have a vast body of work. I need a Demo Reel Video to showcase what we actually do for our clients.
  • I should hire a business administrator or virtual assistant to give me additional time for relationships & client strategy.
  • I’ve started a dialog with a social media manager and need to hire the person sooner rather than later.
  • I’ve held back on paid advertising for my company but recommend it to some clients.

You know, just like I do, that you need to prioritize your marketing efforts over dwelling in your comfort zones or putting out fires. If you need to work on your business rather than being buried in it, get some help.

Get help from someone with acute listening skills who quickly understands your business and target market and can effectively customize your marketing campaigns. Avoid getting shoehorned into someone’s go-to service template!

Your Turn…

Do you want to grow? Then do what growing companies do. Rise above the low-level noise of your competition and do more marketing. Help is available from a good listener with a successful track record.

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