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Your Friend the Competitor

By Chuck Sink In business, it pays to make friends with your competition. Now I don’t subscribe to the saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” That’s corruption. What’s really nice about ethical business practice is that competition is not necessarily adversarial. Your business competitors aren’t enemies; they’re colleagues and possibly clients, suppliers… Read More »

Social Responsibility or Common Sense?

By Chuck Sink This article may start out sounding like a sermon but it is more of an observation. Hire the best suited people you can find for the various roles in your organization. Pay fair and equitable wages for work performed. Provide the best possible training and working conditions for your employees. Be sensitive… Read More »

Crack a Few Shells to Get Food for Thought

By Chuck Sink The default position of almost every corporate communication decision is the watered down, safe, politically correct version of the story. Unfortunately, that’s the bogus version. The risk of offending one vocal audience member has executives cowering in fear of the social and political mobs. Honesty and truth are hiding in the minds… Read More »

Speed what? Are you kidding?

By Chuck Sink Remember the ironically short “speed networking” fad?  I haven’t been invited to any such events or seen any advertised in the last year or two and I’m a prime target. However, I did hear about one the other night. The person who attended said he nabbed 3 or 4 good leads and… Read More »

Business Development Top Ten

By Chuck Sink If you’re in a tricky business situation, to whom do you turn? The industry experts, right?  What if the industry expert is you or the guy down the hall?  Then you won’t have far to go for help.  If the expert you need is outside your company, you call the person in… Read More »

Love in Leadership

By Chuck Sink There’s a topic one of my business consulting clients brings up in his talks. He does so tactfully and with quiet conviction. It’s a soft topic, ignored with hard consequences. For me and I suspect most people, there are certain individuals we look up to and genuinely admire. Sometimes I marvel at… Read More »

Marketing is Field Work

Go outside and play! By Chuck Sink Hitting the road for events and field appointments burns more time than anything else in business.  You might feel more productive in the office analyzing CRM data, having meetings or constantly tooting your own horn on your own social channels. There in the comfort of home base you… Read More »

Work Your Magic

By Chuck Sink Go ahead and “work your magic.” Savor those words coming from clients because they prove that you’ve earned their professional trust. Work your magic – that’s a powerful statement! For the person who wants you to work it, your magic is to them accomplishing an impossible task for which they’ll pay you.… Read More »

Added Value: Are you a bird dog or an old dog?

By Chuck Sink Let’s shatter some conventional wisdom. Go ahead and take business personally because it is personal! Are there people in your business network to whom you can’t wait to send referrals or do business with because they’ve impressed you so much? Are you fortunate to have strong personal relationships prevalent in your market? Do you… Read More »

Smile, You Just Lost Your Shirt!

Your business problems are designed just for you. By Chuck Sink To view problems as outside forces working against you is foolish. It hinders your creativity and drive in problem solving. Let’s look at problems, obstacles and even calamity through a cleaner lens. Should you be confronted by great difficulty, then take courage in these… Read More »