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The wealthy sower – so old he’s new!

By Chuck Sink The law of sowing and reaping is old, really old, and it won’t go away. The biblical metaphor of the farmer who persistently and patiently keeps sowing good seeds always reaps rewards, eventually, no matter what. The late Jim Rohn made a fortune telling this story many times as his own way of sowing, and… Read More »

The Falsehood of Hubris

By Chuck Sink        Former Superstar I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that bad things are never really as bad as you first think they are. The bad news is they are never as good as you first think either. It’s amazing how something that causes… Read More »

Love in Leadership

By Chuck Sink There’s a topic one of my business consulting clients brings up in his talks. He does so tactfully and with quiet conviction. It’s a soft topic, ignored with hard consequences. For me and I suspect most people, there are certain individuals we look up to and genuinely admire. Sometimes I marvel at… Read More »

Smile, You Just Lost Your Shirt!

Your business problems are designed just for you. By Chuck Sink To view problems as outside forces working against you is foolish. It hinders your creativity and drive in problem solving. Let’s look at problems, obstacles and even calamity through a cleaner lens. Should you be confronted by great difficulty, then take courage in these… Read More »