Strategic Approach

What’s important to you? We’re here to help you.

What’s important to your customers? You’re there to help them!

Your customers, your prospects, your audience: What do they really want? Learn that. Internalize that. Then communicate with them.

– Too many marketers put the cart before the horse.
– They start with their own paradigms, their own strengths and their own capabilities.
– They shout sales noise on uncaring audiences.
– They engage a few but fail to gain major market share and lead their categories.
– It’s often because their competitors are better communicators.

Fulfilling your need to communicate clearly and generate desired results is our charter. The governing body is you, our client.

Here are a few unsolicited comments from our clients and followers:

“Thanks for coordinating the website. It is by far the best one I’ve ever had, and it sends the right message about what my business is all about. I never used to even look at my website, but now I feel differently about it.”

– Kathleen Collette, CPA

“Nice work on the new blog… we are the 5th link listed when I search for “music lessons in Bedford NH.” Thank you!

– Music & Production Studio Owner

“Chuck, you did such a great job that so many of my new clients say ‘I hired you because of what I read on your website…’ You’ve been instrumental in growing my business.”

– Lisa Schermerhorn, Owner, Lisa Schermerhorn Personal Coaching

“You, sir, NAILED it. Fantastic!! And you can quote me on that in your own testimonial and case study. :) ”

-Darryl Parker, president, Parker Web Services

“As for the copy, it’s great! It’s exactly the way I want to reposition us, and in my head I want to present it just like that. If I had to write it, it wouldn’t come out anything like that.”

” I have gotten 3 leads from this last eblast and 1 from the holiday one. Nice job!”

– Chris Aubrey, president, Modern Metal Solutions LLC

“Chuck provided copywriting services for my company. He did a fantastic job. Not only is he a great writer, he understands business. He is very talented at interviewing the client and understanding who the audience is.”

– James Basbas, Altos Marketing Group

“My client forwarded the last e-news to the referral and that finally got him to call to go ahead and transfer his account to me. These marketing efforts payoff in multiple ways.”

– CEO, Investment Advisory Firm

“His writing skills are amazing. Whether he’s jotting down thoughts to present expertise in a matter or just drafting an introductory email, Chuck finds the right words and the right angle. You can truly see and feel his writing.”

– Former Boss

“Chuck: You are the man! Wow, I am very impressed with the excellent job you did… All of the communications which you have provided are excellent and I would not change a word of it – it was that good. Thank you so much for the timeliness and the great content – it’s exactly what I was looking for. Finally, I have found someone with the skills to communicate Eprint’s message – thanks again for a job well done.”

– Ben Maurais, president, Eprint, Inc.

And they just keep pouring in…

“You are so good with words! You had me interested with the subject line. Yes, very good sign. Thank you, I could never had done this!”

– Office Manager, Home and Commercial Remodeling Firm

“I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for our Facebook page! It is very much appreciated and you’re great! :) ”

– Sales and Website Manager, Leading Furniture Retailer

“Chuck, You’re worth every penny. . .and then some! I could never have written this myself and have it sound as good. It sounds so professional, but yet you have nailed the ‘difference’ that we talked about. I just love what you’ve done.”

– Kathleen Collette, president, Collette Professional Accounting

“Yesterday, I was angry at myself for sending this assignment to you; thinking I could and should figure this out myself. But, your letter has proven me wrong. It’s amazing to me how you can put words together to send strong messages and get points across. I thank you so much for this (abundantly).”

-Owner, Specialty Insurance Agency

“As is everything you write, the article is great!”

– General Manager, Leading Men’s Clothing Retailer

“Another gorgeous piece. What would I do without you!??!”

– Agency Principal, Hartford Connecticut

“Trust me, there will be more work to come! Simply put, YOU GET IT!!! There are not enough people out there like you to work with.”

– Lindsey Siragusa, president, Golden Egg Concepts

“Chuck spent an incredible amount of time listening and learning about my business. He wanted to get a “feel” for my dental office and how I treat my patients. I would highly recommend Chuck for any of your marketing or business copy needs.”

– Dr. Russell Mann, Mann Family Dental

“One of the biggest compliments you can pay to someone is to say they are a very good listener. That’s what I can say about you. Thank you for understanding.”

– Michelle Perron, Perron Insurance Services

As a writer, it’s gratifying to read these responses from newsletter readers:

“You’ve done an incredible job of being note worthy in a sea of messages.”

“I just love your newsletters. The information and content is great. Most of the time while reading them I get hit with one of those ah- ha moments. The one or two things that I hadn’t thought of.”

Professional references are always available.