Social Media: Your Public Report Card

By Chuck Sink | August 11, 2016


To get the most out of this article: Embrace all of the questions asked and answer them honestly to yourself. Then perhaps you could ask others in your firm these same questions and have a serious business discussion about your team’s candid answers…

Are you excited by the vibe your company puts out there? Are you certain that people in your target market are talking about you and your company in mostly flattering terms? Are you showing up in enough digital newsfeeds for your brand to remain top-of-mind in your business network or target audience?

What does your social timeline look like should a prospect look through your company’s digital history on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and your blog?

Does your digital report card show a multi-year history of industry leadership, community engagement and growth, in other words, do you get straight As?

Or, are you like many companies that struggle to publish one or two articles a year and have 6 to 18-month gaps in social media posts, earning an F, D or maybe C- in the minds of prospects looking at your business online?

Think of your business social media pages as your company’s public historical records and a current report card, because that’s what they are. What does the record show about your business strengths, your success today and what you did to get here?

If people can easily follow a story of consecutive events and milestones along with insightful discussions on your social media pages and website, you’re obviously doing your homework. You’re studying your market and providing insights and answers to what people are talking about.

Continuing our school analogy, the A students of social media and digital marketing sit up front (advertise and promote), raise their hands (engage with their networks) and turn completed assignments in on time (post high-quality content frequently). And many A-students go for extra credit (write white papers, produce webinars, etc.).

The historical record and content quality of your business’s social media say a lot about your organization, especially to people who don’t yet know you. How is your present digital messaging and your company history looking to searchers and visitors these days?


If you need help in this area, go get some help. With the right approach, you can quickly liven up your online image and show people what you’re really up to today. With the right content and post frequency, you can build your business page timelines to throw off a lively and accurate vibe of how your business is making great things happen. Why hide your knowledge and successes when your customers & prospects are looking for active players to work with?

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