Self Help Misunderstanding and the Plain Truth

By Chuck Sink | November 9, 2011

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When you hear about a system or method for achieving a lifetime of wealth and happiness, run away fast! Most if not all such systems are based on the same flawed premise: that because you have the power to direct and control your thinking (nearly impossible for some), then you can think your way to exactly what you want by concentrating your thoughts on a desired goal. By living every moment in a self-designed future within your own mind, you begin to attract mysterious forces that will make your romantic dream a reality in the physical world. (Ever hear of the present moment?) Or, you can think your way into habits that will drive your actions toward doing whatever steps are necessary to achieve your big goal. The latter sounds logical but I believe the whole idea is full of leaks.

I have good news for the millions who have tried these programs and failed or became disillusioned by lack of fulfillment. My forthcoming book will dispel the BS and focus on what really works.

Napoleon Hill came closest in my view to finding a formulaic method for achieving success in any worthwhile endeavor. He certainly believed in focusing on and crystallizing in the mind one’s future goals. Additionally, in his longtime bestselling book, Think and Grow Rich, Dr. Hill captures the essence of the “Law of Attraction” because he vehemently espouses following principles that are fundamentally good. He insists that any selfish or malicious motivation may bring about temporary wealth but will eventually destroy the person harboring ignoble objectives. By instead developing a truly other-person focus and an intense devotion to valuable service, you will become an attractive person. People of means will seek out your work and want to forge a mutually profitable relationship with you. That just about sums up Hill’s book and I do recommend it as worthwhile reading.

My strongest recommendation is to be leery of success “gurus” who focus on wealth creation and define success or happiness by way of acquiring money or things you want (even “better relationships”). They may have some merit when it comes to making money and attaining material for yourself and you may even become rich if you have the discipline to persist. The problem is that you will never be happy with what you acquire because for human beings on earth there is never enough!

If getting more things is what’s driving you then steel yourself for a lifetime of anxiety. Any intelligent adult with life experience and common sense knows this intuitively yet some still lie to themselves saying, “Once I get to this level, I can finally call the shots and do what I’ve always wanted.” That is the big lie that even smart people tell themselves over and over.

Until your motive is rooted in selflessness and love; a higher purpose, the happiness you desire will remain fleeting and unattainable. Reaching that place deep down may be impossible unless you have the capacity to be completely honest with yourself.

Far from being “personal power” success gurus, allow me to suggest a few outstanding authors and speakers both living and passed whom I’ve found to be brutally honest, positive, genuinely caring and extremely worthwhile to study:

  • Jim Rohn – the best business success philosopher ever to live.
  • Zig Ziglar – a truly positive, kind and wonderful motivator.
  • Jeffrey Gitomer – unvarnished truth teller to salespeople and C-level executives.
  • Kirsty Dunphey – youthful, insightful author and speaker with high business acumen.
  • Scott Ginsberg – very bright, young and unconventional consultant-speaker.
  • Stephen Covey – Brilliant anthropologist and human performance expert.
  • Charlie “Tremendous” Jones – A fatherly, good humored, spiritual sales coach.
  • Norman Vincent Peale – a warm, wise, un-preachy preacher.
  • Napoleon Hill – master of mind over matter with an emphasis on integrity.
  • Dale Carnegie – communication master and business performance teacher.

I’m excited about writing a new book. It will blend together the lessons I’ve learned from hundreds of good people in my life – personal friends, associates, authors and teachers. It will also contain compilations of my previous writings logically and meaningfully intertwined. It is an inspirational work guided by faith and a lifetime of business and personal experience.

One thought on “Self Help Misunderstanding and the Plain Truth

  1. Felipe

    This is really great stuff. I think I’ll take a look at the book you recommended on here. You’re definitely right about changing your frame of mind. If you think negatively, that’s how you’ll be. If you’re positive, again that’s how you’ll be.


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