No Product, Pill or Person

By Chuck Sink | October 11, 2013

By Chuck Sink

There are these really old guys out there, some passed like Zig Ziglar, who no longer appeal to new generations striving to succeed in business. A new breed has come along. They promise miracles if you will only follow their formula to the letter. If you try and fail, it’s your fault for not doing it right.

There are golf equipment marketers who claim that if you will only switch to their brand of clubs or balls, you will shave a number of strokes off your game.* The asterisk is for the lawyers. How about weight loss products, exercise equipment, even software for business efficiency? Sure, truly breakthrough technologies from inventors and brilliant engineers offer new tools that leverage your skill more efficiently (sometimes exponentially), I get that.

But, there there will always be scam artists out there like the late PT Barnum who know full well, “there’s a sucker born every minute.” More subtle marketers can make believable claims about removing the hard work from business so you can “make money in your sleep.” Yeah, again, I get it! E-commerce technologies can automate transactions and bill credit cards for you, but what made that possible and how will it be sustained?

Please let a recently deceased and universally loved gentleman drive my points home, for I fear the risk of wearing you out. Please take over Zig… READ MORE

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