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By Chuck Sink | April 30, 2013

By Chuck Sink

blog logosIn today’s marketing world you need to be a good Content Curator (Curator, huh?)  Curating the content is also known as getting the content so if I use the word “get” instead of “curate,” forgive me. The last real curators I knew worked exclusively for museums.


CEOs and sales executives are starting to get it. Inbound marketing beats cold calling but where do you find great content for your website, blog, social sites and newsletters? How do you become a great content curator?  Simple:  Be a real go-getter!  It may be old fashioned but so are all success principles.


Give Me an Easy Tool!

A client of mine recently asked her SEO vendor what they use to generate fresh content for the dynamic news feed on their website. What “Curator Plugin” did they use? The answer came back starting this way: “There’s no easy answer on this one…” The vendor went on to explain how they manually get (curate) articles for their news feed. “We all do a lot of reading and we share the best of what we find…” continued the answer.  That answer is one reason I respect this particular vendor so much. They are diligent specialists and very good at what they do.

Clearly I agree with the SEO vendor’s answer and I would take it a little further whenever possible. Any time you can create fresh content by writing it yourself or actually making newsworthy moves in your industry, all the better!  What is your company doing to make news? What important business trends are you observing?  Are you witnessing noteworthy phenomena that aren’t being talked about much? The answers will help you originate new content worth sharing with your audience.

I realize that people running businesses don’t have the time to be authors or trade publication editors. No problem. There are plenty of sources gushing with information to be shared with or redirected toward your audience. When deciding what content to share or publish, be certain of its sizzle factor as well as its relevance. You need to grab attention and keep it long enough for the prospect to associate the valuable content you’re providing with your brand.


Where to Get Content

LinkedIn and Twitter are awesome resources and idea generators for fresh, interesting and valuable content you can share – if you follow the right people.  I got the idea for this article by going to Twitter with the intention of scooping an idea for it.  I thought okay; let’s see what my Twitter tribe is talking about. Within 5 minutes I had this article outlined from reading a few tweets.

More resources for getting good content for your inbound marketing program:

  • LinkedIn-Twitter-Facebook-Pinterest-Google Plus…
  • Listening to Customers
  • Conversations with Vendors – Supplier Partners
  • Conversations at Networking Events
  • Studying the Competition
  • Interviewing Smart People
  • Google, Bing, YouTube, Yahoo…
  • Libraries and Bookstores
  • Following Blogs
  • Subscribing to Newsletters
  • Your Imagination
  • Life and Work Experience
  • Children and Pets
  • The Mall

Make it Work

My last piece of advice for now is to keep your antenna up.  Become a fascinatedphone business observer of your business world and record all of your ideas as they occur or you will forget them.

Put some teeth into your inbound marketing campaign by creating a library of content and a schedule for publishing & sharing. Stick to the schedule and add to your content library daily or weekly so you’ll have a continuous feed of valuable information emanating from your brand’s home base.

The go-getters who “curate” and share valuable material get inbound calls from interested prospects while the traditional cold callers serially interrupt busy people all day.

So go out and curate you go-getter!

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2 thoughts on “Curate Content that Drives New Business

  1. Melissa Albano-Davis

    Great info, Chuck! This is the message we try to get across to business owners, and it’s not easy to convey. Sometimes the best ideas just pop into your head at random times, and you need to be aware of them in order to develop great content.

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