Create your OWN content!

By Chuck Sink | January 28, 2016
“Wow, this is great stuff. I’m so glad I discovered this solution. I need to call these guys!”


This very thought goes through the mind of your prospects after you share a great blog article from someone else’s website. If the article is relevant to their needs, your prospects will be immersed in someone else’s branded online environment, reading their unique spin and losing sight of your company in the process. Thats why you need to own your content or fade from memory.


Their brand quickly becomes Top-of-Mind, not yours. You may be forgotten even though you were kind enough to share the article on your LinkedIn profile or group discussion.


What if the same prospect was reading original content that your company authored, on your blog, on your website, being fully immersed in your branded online environment? They would think to themselves: “… I need to call these guys! That would be you!

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