Content Marketing: Time + Quality = Money

By Chuck Sink | August 22, 2014

marketing toolsCreating and delivering great content is heavy lifting. It’s hard. That’s why so few businesses do it well. A content marketing strategy won’t work unless there is a total commitment to a strategy, and sustaining the effort for the long haul with consistency.

The inbound marketing model is working well for the companies that have discovered the successful formula. The formula works in B2B as well if not better than in B2C markets.

The first question that comes up is what do we talk about? The simplest answer is anything that might come up in a business conversation with customers and suppliers in your industry. In most industries, that covers a wide range of topics!

Offering favorite family recipes in your newsletters is nice but what can you offer that’s valuable to the recipient and relevant to the business? If readers like the recipes, go ahead and include them – along with the valuable business information your readers can use; compelling material that keeps your brand relevant to them.

There are many more questions to answer. What topics are interesting to people? Are there experts available to interview? What about using video and audio podcasts versus the written word? What about mailing lists, frequency, social media and web integration?

Perhaps the most important question is, how do I plan, develop and implement a successful content driven (inbound) marketing strategy?

Okay, I’ll give you all the answers right here, right now. The best part for me? I’m letting someone else do the heavy lifting to provide an excellent how-to book on successful content marketing. The book is yours free. Just click for an instant download of It Takes a Content Factory – A Guide to Creating and Delivering the Content Your Company Needs to Attract and Retain Great Customers by Open View Labs.

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