Change your words to grow your business!

By Chuck Sink | July 20, 2017

If you confidently walk away from price competition then you’re probably a better communicator than your competitors. While they talk about how great their quality and service are, you’re already “rolling up your sleeves” with the prospective client and pointing out how you will help change their business and improve their lives.

There’s nothing new about emphasizing the value you provide over the list of features and benefits your competitors will promise to match. This is sales 101 which, in actuality, is practiced by a minority of salespeople, marketing directors and business owners. Most of them still talk about “our people” and “our in-house capabilities” and “our superior customer service” when dealing with prospective customers. This is totally understandable and the natural “go-to” position.

While people, capabilities and service might all be great, they can all be duplicated so price becomes the most important factor in choosing a vendor. You need to shift your language from your greatness to their goals being fulfilled!

Change your language from describing your products, services and key features to illustrating the marked improvements your customers’ experience. You will help them improve their services, please their customers, gain more new customers, save more money, better engage their employees, increase profits and bolster sustainability, to name a few strong talking points.

Go ahead and try this at home!

I’ve developed a simple exercise to help you shift your language and change your business for the better. By way of example, you will easily figure out how to make your marketing communications and sales scripts work much better.  Instead of making you busier with more quote requests and sales haggling, your messages will attract prospects who already feel they want to work with you. Your words will paint a much prettier picture of them in the future and they will want to go there.

Let’s examine two different industry examples of my Value Proposition Exercise. One is for contract manufacturers and the other for Accounting Firms – CPAs. On the left are common product and service features and on the right are their corresponding values to the customer. Care to guess which set of words works better in sales and marketing?

Fully contemplate the question asked and then compare how you would want your customers and prospects to think of you.


The difference in commodity (scarcity) thinking and value (abundance) thinking is plain to anyone. When you have conversations with prospective customers in the “language of love” instead of the language of “me too,” you’ll notice that prospects will more often close the deal themselves instead of you fighting for the order.

I urge you to try this exercise for your own unique business. If you struggle for the right concepts and words, feel free to contact me. I’m happy to assist you in building a more powerful brand identity to better distinguish the unique value you bring to the table.

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